About Us

Monroe Homes Inc was named in honor of a founding board member’s late father, Mr. Monroe, a veteran of World War II. He was a truck driver by trade, but also was a handyman around his home, and often shared that talent free of charge for those struggling. He was an active member of his community on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and was always ready to assist his neighbors whenever he saw a need. 

In order to honor the legacy of Mr. Monroe, the family decided to found Monroe Homes Inc to help families create stable homes and become invested members of their community.

Veterans are a vulnerable population in need of specialized housing with access to Veterans Administration facilities. We have seen how existing programs provide little flexibility for veterans and their families and virtually no incentives for them to expand their skill sets so they can move away from dependence on public housing.

Our mission is to truly give back by meeting the needs of the veteran and the family who are facing the challenges of homelessness and reintegration into civilian life.

Our goal is to help veterans to achieve long-term success by becoming active and productive members of society, thereby alleviating veteran homelessness. We feel strongly that no one, especially those who have given so selflessly, should be homeless.

Monroe Homes Inc has begun by providing transitional housing and services in Maryland, and will continue our efforts, with a vision to grow into an organization synonymous with housing veterans.