Our History

Monroe Homes, Inc. was named in honor of a founding board members late father.  Mr. Monroe was a veteran of World War II, an active member of his community on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and was always ready to assist neighbors any time he saw a need.  He was a Truck Driver by trade, but also was handyman around his home and often shared that talent without remuneration.

In order to honor the legacy of Mr. Monroe, the family decided to found Monroe Homes, Inc. to help families create stable homes and become invested members of their community.

The philosophy of Monroe Homes, Inc. is to provide veteran families with safe housing with wrap around services for long-term success. The vision of Monroe Homes, Inc. is to provide an option for these families and individuals to move into homes in the community and become active and productive members of society.

We at Monroe Homes have seen how existing programs provide little flexibility for clients; virtually no incentives for families to expand their skill sets and away from dependence on public housing.  Veterans represent another vulnerable population in need of specialized housing with access to Veteran’s Administration facilities. This is the population that Monroe Homes has chosen to dedicate its energies to by “Housing our Heroes” and reintegrating them into the society they fought so hard to protect.